Clinic Therapy Sessions

8 Visits Prepaid   $900

3 Visits Prepaid   $375

Individual Session   $150


Webcam Therapy Sessions

8 Visits Prepaid   $700

Individual Sessions   $100

Circulation Sessions


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Your first appointment will include:

•Take posture photos, do functional testing and discuss the compensations and dysfunctions causing your pain.

•Learn how to do the appropriate correct exercises specific to your posture and muscle imbalances.

•Receive a notebook with the exercise descriptions along with an email of videos to help you perform the exercises correctly.

•Follow-up visits will continue the same process while making appropriate changes to the exercise routine as the posture and pain improve.

After Your Appointment

•You will continue to do your exercises daily at home. It's important for you to keep in contact via phone or text to ask questions and give feedback on how your body is changing so I can make appropriate adjustments if needed.

•The number of sessions and time between them will be determined depending on the severity of your postural imbalances, pain and dysfunction.  It's important to keep your follow-up visits in order to make the appropriate exercise changes as your posture improves.

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