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What is Posture Alignment Therapy?

I am trained in biomechanics and certified as a Posture Alignment Specialist.  When evaluating posture, the focus is on the four major load joints of the body: the shoulders, hips, knees and ankles.  All of these load joints are designed to line up both vertically and horizontally, creating 90 degree angles.  The muscle system is what dictates the position and movement of the bones.  When the muscles start to get too something...too tight, too weak, too short, etc, then the muscle imbalance is what pulls the bones out of alignment.

Posture Therapy identifies the postural misalignments and muscle imbalances that need to be corrected.  It's not about treating the symptom.  It's about discovering the root cause of why the body is complaining and what needs to happen and be restored in order for it to heal.

Learning the corrective exercises to realign your body's imbalances can not only allow your chronic pain to heal, but can also enable you to resume activities you thought you'd never be able to do again.  Come learn how to heal your body, move better, and feel your best.  You deserve to feel younger today.

Therapy Options

In-Person Therapy

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Come and see me in Person!

I'm now in Reno, NV.  Come see me in person in the Egoscue Reno Clinic!  Call 775-636-9936 to schedule.

Webcam Therapy


Let's meet on webcam!

You can schedule a Friday webcam session with me by texting my cell to set up a time.