Kathy Mulherin asked me when I showed up for our first session, "If we work together, what would be your best outcome?"  I thought for a second and said, "If I can ride my motorcycle and have no back pain.  If I can play 18 holes of golf and not have to visit the Chiropractor.  If those two things happened, I would be thrilled."

They did.

I found Kathy through a friend who read a blog (www.paparelli.com) of mine on my back pain.  I had just cancelled a bucket list ride on Route 66 because I couldn't stand up straight.  A friend read the blog and sent me to Kathy.  Changed my life.  I'm like a kid again.  Instead of thinking what I won't be able to do because I'm getting older, I'm thinking big again.

Thanks Kathy for giving me my physical freedom back!

-Charlie Paparelli, Vinings, GA


It’s truly nothing short of a miracle how Kathy replaced 15 years of severe back pain (multiple bulging discs) with literally a new beginning (and back!) that is pain free with full mobility.

I felt results in a matter of days and, within two weeks, I started to do things with my back and legs I hadn’t done in years!  Her technique is simple and non invasive and, if you commit to her therapy plan, you’ll be an instant “believer”.

Believe her when she says “muscles move bones” and do the steps, and you are guaranteed to get your life - and mobility - back. Miracles do happen and this is one you should treat yourself to!

--Jay Taffett, New Orleans

After suffering from chronic middle and lower back pain, I started my posture sessions with Kathy in October 2016. We had 8-weekly sessions over webcam and I did daily alignment exercises. Now, I'm not having any trouble with my back anymore. So grateful.

--Jayne Mendenhall, Athens, GA

I'm a creative type and like trying new things, so when you introduced your posture and alignment practice, I was curious.  My intuition was right, and the experience has been more than expected.  Simple yet effective techniques have improved my perspective and appetite for wellness.

My knee and back have responded in ways that PT may not have. I'm back to playing basketball!  Your service is professional and a good value. You truly changed my life and have given me the tools I need to thrive.

Regards, Victor Williams, Atlanta, GA


Seventeen years ago I bought a house with no stairs thinking it would make my life easier. Big mistake. After all those years of sedentary living, I completely lost the ability to get out of a chair without pushing off on the arms. My legs and hips simply did not have the strength to get up. I could not eat in restaurants that had booths or armless chairs. The contortions I went through just to lift myself off the toilet were horrifying. I was looking at living the next several decades in pain and, quite likely, in a wheelchair. Because Egoscue had brought me back from the brink of disability before, I started seeing Kathy. In less than a month, I had recovered my ability to get out of chairs. My chronic back pain disappeared.

It wasn’t always fun and it wasn’t always easy. I remember so well the day Kathy asked me to simply stand up from an armless chair. I tried and couldn’t. Tried again and couldn’t. I did my best to convince Kathy that I. Just. Couldn’t. She was patient. She was kind. She was professional. She said, “I know. Let’s just try it again.” And do you know what? I DID IT. Now I can rise from a bench unaided fifty times in a row. Fifty times!

This is not my only success story with Kathy. When I first went to her many years ago, a MD told me I’d need surgery for gut wrenching sciatic pain. While waiting for it to be scheduled, I went to Kathy for some temporary relief to tide me over until surgery. Kathy resolved that issue, as well, without surgery. She is the real deal. I am more grateful to her than I can ever express.

-Anna Eidson, Woodstock, GA

In June 2016, my search for relief from paralyzing pain due to three herniated lumbar discs, coupled with stenosis and some arthritis, led me to Kathy. With no improvement/relief after 3 months of chiropractic decompression and the orthopedist’s physical therapy, friends’ Egoscue success stories led me to Kathy. With her knowledge of Egoscue and the mechanics of the human body, I too am now a testimony to this alignment and strengthening approach for healing and overall better posture. My process required 16+ weeks of daily E-cises. I have gradually been able to resume a normal physical routine, albeit with certain self-limitations - such as no lifting of 40# bags of gardening soil ☺ Should a flare-up occur, I am able to address ‘the fix’ with my acquired knowledge from Kathy’s coaching as well as from my collection of past personalized Egoscue Menus. I continue to maintain with ‘almost daily’ E-cises/Menus and with regular visits (every 4-6 weeks) for Kathy’s tweaking. The Egoscue Method is a lifestyle – and lifetime – change. It requires dedication, tenacity and good communication with Kathy so that you can work as a team to achieve your goal – a pain-free, active life. Kathy and Egoscue have been a game changer for me….Thank you, Kathy!

-C. Jones, age 62

Hello Kathy,

As you begin the next phase of your career with Egoscue I just wanted to say thank you. On January 3, 2014 I met you for the first time. I was scheduled for neck surgery that week for Spinal Stenosis. While filling out my wishes and needs, other than feel good and without pain, I said I wanted to have the feeling back in my fingers of my left hand, stand without lower back pain, return to riding my bikes and return to a good sex life.

At that time I was 58 years old and weighed around 260 lbs. and 6’. Not the 6’1” I had been all my adult life. After working from weekly appointments to monthly visits with Kathy, on July 14, 2014 I began to see Nutritionist Cathryn Marshall, TNT Fitness. On July 31, 2014 I began working out as directed by Cathryn.

Today I am 6’1” tall again, 230 lbs. and feeling wonderful. Working my weight to a point it had not been since my 20’s. Happy to report that I have all the feeling in my hands, no issues with the stenosis, work all day standing and walking, ride my road bike and mountain bike without issue. Best of all my sex life is better than it has been in years. That has been a side effect from feeling well and eating better than ever. 60 years old is coming soon and I am looking forward to this milestone with a renewed vigor.

-Dan Conroy, Duluth, GA