What should I expect on the first visit?

On your initial visit we willl take posture photos, discuss your situation, symptoms and goals and perform a detailed postural and functional assessment. An individualized program will be designed for your specific posture, pain and goals to perform at home every day. You will receive pictures of the exercises and positions with detailed directions. The key is the sequence and consistency of the exercises.

What happens in the follow-up sessions?

Typically, you will come back for re-evaluation one week after your first visit. We can do twice a week if you'd like to speed up your progress. Follow up sessions are one hour in length. The average client returns for 6 to 12 follow up sessions. Each follow up session includes a reassessment of posture and movement. In the follow up sessions, we'll adjust your exercises according to how your body is changing to ensure your continued progress.

How long before I feel results?

You will feel a difference in the very first visit.  As you do your exercises each day, your body will begin to start holding a better aligned position.  As the position improves, your body can begin to heal itself.  Some people have a significant pain decrease in the first couple of weeks and others may take a little longer (depending on the situation.)  Doing the exercises every day over a period of time is creating the muscle memory that will carry you into a permanent pain free lifestyle.

What’s different about “Posture Therapy” vs Physical Therapy?

The key difference is that using The Egoscue Method principles,
I will address the entire body rather than just the symptoms. I will utilize resting positions combined with gentle repetitions to activate or stimulate individual muscles in a very specific position and in a specific sequence. This allows a gradual re-education of the body so that alignment and movement are restored without excessive effort or force being applied. This is not “hands on” treatment that we do to you. You create the lasting change in your body!

Do I have to do these exercises for the rest of my life?

No, but I'd recommend it. Once you get pain free, why not continue to align your body even more to get healthier each year? After the initial timeframe, most clients choose to continue with a daily routine because of the benefits that they notice and many say that they look forward to their program because it makes them feel so much better!

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. I accept Visa, Master Card and AMEX.

Will I have to stop my current exercise routine?

I encourage you to continue your regular workouts and sports as long as they are not causing more pain while being performed. If the activity is causing you pain, you may be too far out of alignment and creating more havoc in your body by working out. In this case, align your body first, then begin to strengthen and play again once you are pain free.