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Kathy Mulherin, Posture Alignment Specialist

As a 20-year posture therapist, Kathy has a true passion helping people to achieve their pain free goals and enhance their quality of life. Originally from San Diego, CA, she received her Bachelor of Science degree from Chapman University in Orange, CA,  in Athletic Training and Exercise Physiology.  Her foundation of sports medicine and biomechanics led her to find Pete Egoscue.  Kathy started her posture work under Pete Egoscue in the Del Mar Clinic in 2000, opened her own Egoscue Franchise (2004-2011) in Atlanta, GA, and then created her own posture company, Posture and Function, LLC.  She loves one-on-one sessions, group classes, and "training the trainer" workshops to teach other health professionals to integrate and use Egoscue in their practice.  Her mission is to make a difference in as many people's lives as possible.

Kathy still does sessions with her Atlanta clients via webcam.  Kathy has recently moved to Reno, NV and is currently working full time in the Egoscue Reno Clinic as Clinic Director.  

KATHY 678-596-0321