What is Posture Therapy?

Your posture photos  reveal which of your muscles and joints are out of alignment.  Functional movement tests show limitations and imbalances in your movement and gait.  I use a proven scientific method of realigning the muscle system using simple corrective exercises.  Once you are pain free, you can then go deeper into restoring total health and movement to live a pain free active life!

Meet Kathy

I'm Kathy, the pain free "posture girl!"  Welcome to my website.  I'm here to make a difference in your life.  I'd like to teach you the tools I've learned to keep the body moving, aligned and feeling great. Everyone can heal and improve.  Let's see what we can improve for you!


You may be looking for one-on-one therapy, group classes, webcam therapy, in-home therapy and more.  We will follow a specific system to realign your body using a series of corrective exercises.  Click here to learn what to expect during your therapy visit and process.

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